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Ayurveda defines health as a dynamic state of balance within the body, mind, and five senses, and works in concert with yoga to help you meditate and find your life’s deepest purpose.
Essentially, Ayurveda aims to keep a balanced circular flow between your life force (prana), immunity (Ojas) and digestion (Tejas).

Let’s study this 3 essence

Prana (vital essence)
Your vital essence is often called prana in traditional cultures. The breath is directly linked to the capacity for vitality not only in Ayurvedic texts of India but also throughout the world.
In addition to breathing and circulation, prana is responsible for the following functions: Physiological functions of the heart, mind, memory, thoughts, and emotions Oxygenation of all body tissues and organs.
Ojas (Immune essence)
Ojas means ‘power, strength, and natural resistance against disease’ (in other words, immunity) and encapsulates the hematopoietic, endocrine, digestive, and nervous systems in the same way as modern medicine talks about immunity.
Additionally, the quality of your Ojas depends on: How fresh your foods are Your daily lifestyle choices All-natural spices and herbs you incorporate into your routine Stress levels Past trauma and how you have recovered from them (if at all) Relationships and relationships in general
Tejas (Your Metabolic Essence)
Your Metabolic Essence Tejas is the essential intelligence within you that digests and transforms everything you take in: food, liquids, information, emotions, and traumas that occur in your life.
It gives you glowing skin a glowing complexion your complexion’s colour cellular intelligence strength and longevity.
Each person possesses a unique combination of prana, ojas, and Tejas in their bodies, meaning that their bodies are composed of a unique combination of the five elements space, air, fire, water and earth.
In an attempt to simplify things, there are actually two different dosha constitutions. One is your natural dosha constitution at birth, called prakruti. The other is your imbalance of doshas today, called vikruti.
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