Overall Development of Students in Royal Convent School Moga

One of the main parts of child life is Learning. Children need to be taught about two main basic avenues- Family and School. What child learns at home and what parents teach them, schools need to ensure the overall development of the child. While selecting the best CBSE school for your child it is important to check if the school provides long-term development for children.

Factors that influence overall development in RCS :

Academic Development

The main aspect of every school is Academic Excellence. Royal Convent School focuses on all subjects like mathematics, history, science, geography, and languages. English medium schools need to teach the best quality English to students and RCS is one of the best schools having well-qualified English teachers. The growth of students is an important factor in academic growth. RCS has different Language Labs for students.

Development of Social Skills

For long-term growth development, children need to learn social skills also. Every student in Royal Convent is taught about how to be a good human being. Social skills include :
• Emotional Control
• Respect
• Management
• Communication Skills
• Ability to make friends

Development of Sports and Athletics Skills

Athletics and sports skills are very important for students to take interest in sports, physical fitness, and talent in sports. For total development, the school needs to be well equipped with sports facilities and playgrounds for children like Athletics, Badminton, Football, Chess, etc.
Students of RCS bagg gold every year. They bagged over 1000 medals in PBSE and CBSE games.

Moral Values

With mental and physical education students need to learn moral values also. Morality is taught at home as well as in school. It is the responsibility of teachers to tell students what is right and wrong. RCS is the best place where the child learns a lot of moral values and gets long-term development.

Increasing value in Arts

There are different fields of study that students should learn at a young age. Schools need to pursue nonacademic arts and create interest for overall development. RCS is the English medium school where child development is done individually. School provides :
• Painting
• Drawing
• Music

The curriculum given by C.B.S.E helps in the overall development of students. It is important for schools to work on students with the factors given above for the development of children in India. Royal Convent School’s unique curriculum focuses on the overall development of every student. Here, the child’s physical and socio-emotional development is given importance so that the children become confident and successful citizens in the future.


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