Web 3.0 Wellness APP – How Blockchain Technology can improve our wellness?


Web 3.0 Wellness APP will reward your hard work with JW Token There was a time when only sports personalities could get rewards for their sweat and people who do hard manual jobs.

Just relax and read the whole article. Web 3.0 Wellness APP

For the development, the Web 3.0 Wellness APP community wants to change this by introducing its Web3.o Wellness App with its own Coin JW Token which will keep you fit as well as give chance to earn JW Tokens in rewards.

Moreover, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin need some sort of mining to generate currency, Web3.o Wellness App relies on a fitness tracker to generate cash.

Web 3.0 Wellness APP provides wearables that will analyse all activities and exercises like your heart rate, pulse rate, etc. During any activity or exercise, Wellness App will send data to the app which then uses an algorithm to work on how much currency should be turned into based on users’ physical exertions.

Every activity you do will earn JW Token which as a result will give you a fitness level along with the secured wallet. This technology sounds easy way to retain fitness and get rich.

As per the body requirement Web 3.0 Wellness APP will provide you full health and wellness planner. This app is helpful for all age groups as they provide coaching, playing, exercises, knowledge of nutrition, and wellness.

Web 3.0 Wellness APP community mostly focuses on every single individual and develops ‘AI Personal Wellness’ on basis of ‘E-Self-care’ for the health maintenance of people around the world.

This Web 3.0 Wellness APP helps you in staying fit and gives you chance to earn rewards. This app is the first global Web3.0 Wellness Community with:

  • BlockChain
  • AI

Every customer or individual wants that product should fulfil their all needs and requirements, then only they will use it in their life. Wellness App is one that meets all the requirements of customers.

Web3.0 Wellness Community meets all User Requirements:

  • Secure Wallet-

JW token is received stored and sent in a wallet which will be all in your control.

  • Wearables

Wearables will be provided to each individual which will monitor your body during each activity.

  • Wellness Planning-

Each and everyone has his own requirements according to the body’s needs and wellness planning is done according to that.

  • Personal Coach-

Coach is provided for better understanding.

  • Learning and Gaming-

Every age group plays and learns about nutrition and wellness.

  • Incentivizing

The reward of the JW token is given at different levels to each and every user as they go up high working with the team.

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