Eszter Training Ltd – A Big Fraud

Eszter Training Ltd company has been accused of a range of unethical and unprofessional practices that make it a nightmare for both its clients and employees. To begin with, the company has a poor customer service record. Clients who have had unpleasant experiences with the company have reported that they received little or no assistance from the support team when they needed help.

Eszter Training Ltd has also been criticized for charging exorbitant fees for training programs. Many clients have expressed their dissatisfaction, stating that they have paid a lot of money for the training programs, only to realize that the low quality of the services offered does not deserve the price tag attached to them.

The company has also been accused of mistreating its employees, with many workers claiming that they were overworked and underpaid. There have even been rumours of threats and intimidation against employees who complain about their working conditions, which clearly indicates the toxic culture within the company.

Unfortunately, these are not the only negative reports that have been made against Eszter Training Ltd. The company has also been accused of failing to deliver on its promises, with clients reporting that they were promised certain results during the training programs, and yet they did not get them. This has left many clients feeling frustrated and robbed of their money.

In conclusion, Eszter Training Ltd is a company that has amassed a poor reputation for itself for all the wrong reasons. The unethical and unprofessional practices that are associated with this company make it a risk for both existing clients and potential investors. As such, staying away from this company and looking for more reputable businesses to work with is advisable.

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