loft conversion

You must need to know about getting a loft conversion

A loft is a space in the house under the roof, used for accommodation or storage purposes. It’s a smarter way to use the space and make it most useful. It is a time-consuming project but at last, we get the desired result which we want. The right document should be signed off, deciding the roof type, how the stair reaches the room and many other things should be kept in mind when we are planning for a loft conversion. At last, the main important thing is the budget for all the loft conversions.

The attic or loft conversion needs proper planning. There are so many ideas to convert the loft into like; a small child’s bedroom, a kid’s TV room, create a home office, and a guest room, so on.
It is a unique way to use the attic space of a house. The extension of the attic space is such an amazing and clever idea to expand our home.

Loft conversion

Do we need planning permission?

It had been done under the permitted development right so in some cases, it does not require permission planning for conversion. To qualify for this must have created a space on the terrace. The following are  the important points that should need to be remembered while planning for:

  • If you are creating extra space on the terrace the space must not exceed 40cubic on the terraced house.
  • If you are creating a new space, must not be exceeding 50 cubics.
  • People cannot make the extension beyond the plan.
  • It’s not possible to make expansion than the higher part of the roof.

Types of the loft conversion:

  • Basic roof light,
  • Dormer loft conversions,
  • Hip-to-gable loft conversion,
  • Mansard.

Planning a loft conversion: Dos and Don’ts

When planning for the extension of the attic space, one must remember the following condition:

  • Do make sure that your house is suitable for the conversion: If your house is not suitable then the conversion may not possible.
  • You must be clear with your idea and thoughts at the time of making a conversion. It’s clearly decides in the mind that how will you get manage your loft space.
  • Do complete all legal requirements, when: Generally, it does not need to take planning permission, but in some cases, it’s require to have permission.
  • Before start working on the loft conversion project, it must have to meet the building requirement.
  • Never relies on the first quotes of loft conversion. we must be get at least three quotes from the builders and contractors before starting working on the loft conversion.
  • Don’t be afraid of any question that comes to your mind regarding the loft conversion.
  • Never leave the project Company to it.

While planning for the attic conversion must remember the essential point in your mind. It’s a great idea to plan our room and extension of space in the house.