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Solution1313 is a unique and one of the best Rehabilitation centre in Delhi, which is situated in the heart of India. We have a well-trained team of consultants, counselors, clinical psychologists, cognitive behavior therapists, fitness instructors, nutritionists, yoga-mindfulness trainers, and nursing staff. Our rehabilitation centre helps you overcome drug, and alcohol consumption and better way to manage yourself. From more than 10 years of giving service to patients, all get well recovery, more enthusiastic, and got motivated. The main goal of Solution1313 is to provide a safe, confidential, positive, and supportive environment to our patients so they can get a path to recovery easily. At last, we focus on every individual so they can recover easily and give proper attention to them during a session.

our rehabilitation centre offers the most comfort and safety to our patients as per their feelings and emotions they can express with us. Also, we are proud to have such an amazing facility that helps you in every stage and receives a positive response from our patients through the time they spend.

Our Mission  

Our mission is to fulfill the need of our patients with proper care and safety. We want that our patients can also learn new ways of living and explore new things in life. The key aspects of our mission are;

  • Taken care of all patients who come to us for their treatment,
  • Never feel uncomfortable and insecure during sessions,
  • Proper working with mental and physical functioning,
  • To create a society free from alcohol and drug-free.

Our Vision

We want to motivate them about a better way of living, a peaceful mind and create a positive environment in their surroundings and learn from their past experiences. The following are some:

  • Empowering and motivating them so that they can achieve the possible result that they want.
  • Improving the lifestyle with the approach we followed.
  • We want that our patients never to go backward and cannot consume drugs and alcohol again.
  • At the last, we are always available for those who reach us at any time.

Treatment that we are providing:

  • 12 steps program for Drug
  • Relaxation therapy centre
  • Individual theory for anxiety
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Holistic wellness
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Heroin addiction treatment
  • Treatment of Depression
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder therapy
  • Yoga therapy centreRehabilitation centre

Why choose our Rehabilitation centre for treatment?

To cure our patient’s addiction, it’s important to get better guidance from experts as well as proper treatment for rehab the addiction. Following the positive point to us:

  • Providing proper guidance and consultancy to our patients,
  • Give proper time and also understand our patient’s problems,
  • Give personalized treatment and assessment,
  • Using the carrot and stick approach with the patient means for a bad habit they will punish and for a good habit they will appreciate or reward you,
  • We provide service at any time and also can contact you through an online portal at your convenience.
  • Residential care of every patient in the rehab.
  • Doctors and staff facilities are well experienced and cooperative while handling a patient.

we are available on some social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and our Website. Lastly, we are here for you to support and help in any way. For more information, you can also contact us through;

In our rehabilitation centre,

we provide a comfortable space where you can live your life in a better way!


Phone no: 123123456